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Student Enrollment and Registration


Dayton School uses Online Enrollment for parents to register NEW STUDENTS.
Go to: https://slzusd.aeries.net/enrollment/

This link will take you to this page, "Welcome to Aeries AIR - Online Student Enrollment" for Dayton School.
Follow the prompts. Once you are done, there will be a request for you to print the enrollment information. If you do not have access to a printer, we will print your enrollment information when you come for your appointment. Once online information is completed, your submission will be directly sent to the school office who will contact you for an appointment to bring in the supplemental paperwork and other documentation.
If your child is transferring from a public, charter or private school, please bring the most current report card or progress report or withdrawal form, and if, applicable, any of the following:

IEP for academic needs or Speech Therapy
504 plan
Student Study Team notes (SST)
Any legal documentation in regards to parent custody/visitation agreement that pertains to your child during regular school hours.
If you don't receive contact from the school office within 72 hours after you've completed your online information, you may call 510-317-3601 or email tzayas@slzusd.org
Registration for Continuing Students is accessible through the Aeries Family Portal. This is for students that attend Dayton already and are planning on continuing to attend next year at Dayton School.

If you have a new student and have never registered/attended at Dayton School, please follow the steps above for online registration.