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PTO & Family Involvement

PTO is looking for new executive board members for the 2022-2023 school year!  


PTO meetings will be monthly and rotate in the morning and evening throughout the school year. More information about the meeting dates and times for the upcoming school year will be shared soon. 



President -OPEN POSITION - Preside at general PTO meetings and Executive Board meetings, serve as the official representative of the PTO and retain all official records of the PTO.

Vice President - Susan Kassab - Oversee the committee system of the PTO, assist the President, and chair meetings in the absence of the President.

Secretary - Vanessa Fifita - Record and distribute minutes of all Executive Board meetings and all general PTO meetings, prepare agendas for official PTO meetings and hold historical records for all PTO. Manage announcements, bulletin boards, and any communications for the PTO.

Treasurer - OPEN POSITION - Serve as custodian of the PTO's finances, collect revenue, pay authorized expenses, follow all financial policies of the PTO and hold all financial records, and file taxes as appropriate.


If you're interested in volunteering with the Dayton PTO or would like additional information, please reach out via email to:

Renee Ybarra - Dayton Office Manager - [email protected]